Basic of Business Management Handwritten Notes for MBA, BBA, BCOM, MCOM


Name of Notes : Basic of Business Management for MBA, BBA, BCOM, MCOM
Subject : Business Management
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Fundamentals of Business Management · 1. People · 2. Operations · 3. Accounting · 4. Strategy · 5. Finance · 6. Marketing.

Description and Table of Content

Details description about management

features of Management

  • 11 features described in notes

Objective of notes

  • 3 main objective are described

Level of Management

  • All three level described along with its functions

Scope of Management

  • Mainly 5 scope are briefly described.

Managerial Skills of Management 

  • Three skills are described in Notes

Scientific Management by F.W TAYLOR

  • Principle of  TAYLOR

Administrative Management by HENRY FAYOL

  • Principle of HENRY FAYOL

Conclusion of Management Studies


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