Breathing and exchange of gas: Class 11 Biology Handwritten Notes


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This notes boost your exam preparation, this notes written by neet aspirants and taken from experienced teachers notes, so you can trust on this notes


  1. Definition of respiration
  2. Internal respiration
  3. External respiration
  4. Connecting concepts
  5. Direct respiration
  6. Indirect respiration
  7. Respiratory structures in different animals groups like amphibians, birds, mammals etc.
  8. Problems related to water breathing
  9. Characteristics of respiratory surface
  10. Special respiratory pigments
  11. Human respiratory systems structure of respiratory system(upper and lower respiratory system)
  12. Connecting zone
  13. Respiratory zone
  14. Otorhinolaryngology
  15. Nose
  16. Nasalcavity
  17. Nasal Chambers
  18. Pharynx
  19. Larynx/voice box
  20. Thyroid cartilage of larynx (imp)
  21. Epiglottis
  22. Vocal cord
  23. Trachea
  24. Bronchi
  25. Carines
  26. Bronchi and bronchioles
  27. Lungs
  28. Pleural cavity
  29. Pleural fluid
  30. Terminal and respiratory bronchioles
  31. Alveoli
  32. Pulmonary surfaceant
  33. Respiratory membrane
  34. Inhalation
  35. Accessory muscles of inhalation
  36. Transportation of oxygen
  37. Factor determining binding of O2 to HB
  38. Acidity
  39. Bpg
  40. Transportation of carbon dioxide
  41. Regulation of respiration
  42. Medullary rhythmicity area
  43. Pneumotaxic area
  44. Apneustic area
  45. Chemoreceptors
  46. Respiratory distress syndrome
  47. Disorders of respiratory system
  48. Air volumes
  49. NCERT figure included

And many topic included


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